What Not to Do with Your Floral Arrangement


So you’ve just gotten a floral arrangement delivered to your doorstep. There’s nothing like flowers to brighten your interior. Of course, while you might immediately grab the nearest vase, fill it with water, and set your flowers on the window sill to make your space look extra appealing, there are a few things you need to know about caring for your flowers. People often make these mistakes when handling and storing fresh flowers that could compromise the quality of the arrangement. Be sure to steer clear of these practices to keep your flowers fresh for many weeks to come. Here’s a good read about San Diego flower shops, check it out!

1. Don’t Set Them on the Windowsill – This is the most common practice that people do that’s actually detrimental to the freshness of flowers. Remember that flowers that are delivered to your home have already been cut and arranged to make them look appealing. They no longer have a root system, which means the moisture they lose isn’t likely to be aptly filled in even if you soak the ends of the stems in water. Sitting your flowers too close to window could allow essential moisture to seep through the petals, thus causing the flowers to wilt sooner than they should. Avoid placing them on your windowsill and any other source of heat to prevent this from happening.You can find the best San Francisco flower shops here.

2. Don’t Cut the Stems with Scissors – You’re probably going to want to put your flowers in a different container when they reach your home, and that might entail having to cut a few stems. Before you reach for that pair of scissors, be warned. Snipping away at the stems with scissors could cause damage, making it difficult for the flowers to absorb the water they need to survive. Instead, take a sharp knife and slice diagonally across the stems to create a clean diagonal slice.

3. Don’t Leave the Container Uncleaned – A lot of people think they can take flowers, place them in a vase, and just leave them there until the flowers wilt. But you can actually prolong the life of your flowers by cleaning out the water regularly. Anyone who wants to prolong the life of their flowers should make sure to clean the container at least once every week. This will prevent any bacteria from thriving in the dirty water and will eliminate the chances of infection reaching the stems. It also pays to treat the water so that the flowers get more nutrition out of it to keep them fresher for longer.


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